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First, you hear a melody that instantly touches you deep inside. It makes you squeal with joy, lose yourself in thought or fills you with energy. The next moment, you find yourself singing along to it or humming it to yourself unconsciously while walking down the street.

The band behind the melody is, most likely, Dark Ride Brothers with their refreshingly different sound – the band that stands for rousing fireworks of pop/rock music equipped with an extra load of country, and one that is on a never-ending adventure trip with their fans. Their music creates a sense of togetherness that cannot be put into words, which is why their fans see themselves as part of a big Dark Ride Family. An ever-growing number of music enthusiasts are discovering the guys from the North and their barnstorming songs.

The Dark Ride Brothers are a Finnish-German band founded in 2014 by Sven Langbein and Vesa Winberg. They started with two acoustic guitars, and since then their journey has been open-minded, determined and has consciously disregarded all boundaries. In the beginning, DRB played a lot of cover songs. Quite soon, however, their repertoire also included their own productions. The Dark Ride Brothers do not compromise on the quality of their music, so it doesn't come as a surprise that the band's international production team includes several famous professionals from the music industry. The result is the popular, very unique sound of the Dark Ride Brothers.

The band has played numerous gigs on a broad variety of stages, from tiny bars to major events and festivals. Many have discovered the Dark Ride Brothers and their music on the Internet, where they have managed to build a considerable international fan base, and where they entertain thousands of followers around the globe with their updates every day. In summer of 2017, the band went on their first tour abroad to Germany.

The Dark Ride Brothers have been garnering hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify, and new songs are already waiting for their release.

Welcome to our common journey – see you at the next DRB gig!

Join The Ride and Rock The Country!

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Dark Ride Brothers
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Dark Ride Brothers
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Dark Ride Brothers at Pioneerifestival 2017
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