Dark Ride Brothers

Dark Ride Brothers – Vesa Winberg

Plant City, Florida, Spring 1990: Strawberry Festival on a springy Saturday, harbinger of a hot summer. I was in the final stage of my exchange year, and on a nice Saturday we went with some friends from St. Petersburg to Plant City. Our destination was a local event: the Strawberry Festival.

We had no glimmer of the performing bands, and when we arrived we noticed that among the stars there was also country music legend George Strait. This genre was not really the latest thing that spring, which is why we rather gave a weary smile to Strait and his Stetson. As a matter of fact, George and his song "All My Ex's Live In Texas" made it into the car's cassette deck for the rest of the year.

25 years later. An evening in March in Karhula, Finland. We are on stage at Sam's Pub and are playing the first chords of Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks). Brooks has repeatedly outed himself as a fan of George Strait, which is why, in a way, the circle is complete for me tonight.

Music has always been a big part of me and will always remain. I have always loved catchy songs and showing my colors proudly. That's why loud rock has always been the music genre of my choice. Over the years, Country has made its way into my repertoire little by little. In the beginning, it was kind of a strange development to me, but not anymore. I've often thought about what makes country music so appealing to me. I've just talked about my colors and showing them, and that's what Country is all about. The Stetson is a totally stupid hat and the boots are anything but practical. But if the road is stony and the heart broken anyway, boots will protect you from the prickly stones and the Stetson conceals the tears. You get my point!

The Dark Ride Brothers are more than just a band. This is a tribe. This is a brotherhood. This is a family. We talk, we moan, we argue, and we do all this with great passion. Hopefully we can mold these same emotions into our music, too.

The best thing about it is that we have a long way to go. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!