In their new song, the Finnish country ambassadors combine country, pop and rock!

 The founding members of the Dark Ride Brothers Sven Langbein and Vesa Winberg are more than satisfied. A summer full of concerts lies ahead, the band has just extended their line-up with one musician and the brand new single “Jetplane” will be officially available from today.

- "Our first single 'One More Time' was a more traditional country song. With this one we wanted to create something new," Sven and Vesa say.

Country is known as a genre that preserves traditions. 'Jetplane', however, also takes other musical styles into its cockpit.

- "It all began with the idea of combing a catchy chorus with Country. On top of that we wanted to have a certain "twist", and I think we succeeded with that," explains the author of the song Vesa Winberg.

The Dark Ride Brothers have been known for their performances as an acoustic band, but 'Jetplane' sounds less acoustic. Is the band's sound changing?

- "An acoustic sound will always remain the foundation of our sound. This time we wanted to create a song you can dance to," Sven Langbein says.

For the first time with a drummer

The Dark Ride Brothers did not have a drummer yet when they were on their way to the studio. Support came from Kymi: Kreyskull drummer Timo Karvonen joined the band for the time of the session.

- "Timppa has done a wonderful job. I think by now we can openly admit it: We had not rehearsed a single time with him before the session. Timo had worked on the drums with our producer Teemu Aalto, and the result is great," Vesa says.

Teemu Aalto's work is also perfect. Teemu is famous for his metal creations, but acoustic-based country music was no problem for him, either.

- "Teemu was known to us as an experienced professional, and he pushed us to our limits. Most of all, Teemu is a musician, and he had excellent ideas for our songs that had never come to our mind," Vesa continues.

Rami Hakala (Imatra) contributed to the sound of 'Jetplane' with his slide guitar and Dobro. Thanks to him, the song has got a certain roots touch.

Back to the studio in fall 2016

The Dark Ride Brothers are currently working on their repertoire with their new brother - they will soon be joined by a drummer!

In fall, the Dark Ride Brothers will return to the studio and record new music. Teemu Aalto has convinced us and so we will head to Korkeakoski again in autumn.

Jetplane is available on numerous music streaming services (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, ...).