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Dark Ride Brothers have released their new song “Shout!” in the wake of Christmas. It is available on all streaming services and a music video will be published in January.

The song continues a series of positive topics and was created with extraordinary ease both in the preproduction phase and in the studio.

The song was born in less than an hour, since all the parts and the lyrics blank were ready. And it immediately occurred to me that there could be a good song to record here, songwriter Vesa Winberg recalls the creation of the song.

The band’s previous song “Days Of Glory” already shed light on hope for a post-corona future, and “Shout!” continues with the same topic.

Even if the restrictions and life with corona continue, people will also find joy, especially in other people. That’s what this song is made of, says Sven Langbein of Dark Ride Brothers.

The song has already been played once in front of a live audience, and Dark Ride Brothers will head to the gigs in the spring as soon as the corona situation allows it.

As usually, “Shout!” was recorded in Teemu Aalto’s studio in Karhula. For the first time, however, Antti Mäntysaari was part of our production team, and his skills added some whole new nuances to the song. Dark Ride Brothers will return to the studio in early 2022 to record more music. Also, the band will make a music video with Ville Ristolainen, who recorded the video for “Wasted Sundays” back in the days.

Dark Ride Brothers has been touring and making music since 2014. In addition to Finland, the band has also toured Central Europe.