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“Catchy and Rocking!” That’s what we had in mind when we entered Teemu Aalto’s studio, and now we are ready to crank up these songs with you guys! Our summer was great even though the corona virus made it a little more quiet than our summer usually is.

We had a chance to play a set of great live shows with our brand new line-up and your feedback was simply awesome!

We also wanna thank you for how you took and shook our latest release “Roundabout” both live and across the streaming platforms. And that’s why we are so anxious to present new music to you.

The upcoming songs have been boiling for some time in the DRB kitchen and by now they’re just about ready to rock! “Days Of Glory” is an anthem for all us is. It puts all the social media harassing and hassle behind us and leads us to a brighter future. The chorus is really an earworm to sing along to! “Follow Your Heart” is a pop/rock killer single with some edgy guitars, featuring the famous DRB “three-handed tapping extravaganza”. And if you don’t know what that is, you really have to come to our live shows.

Which of the two singles is to be released first? We don’t know. Do you?

Sneak Peek into “Days Of Glory”