Dark Ride Brothers - Bite The Silence.
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Dark Ride Brothers, who have gained hundreds of thousands of streams across streaming platforms, have released new music. The band’s own song “Bite The Silence” combines the extremes of pop and rock.

Dark Ride Brothers are publishing new music in the midst of a world-ravaging time. “Bite The Silence” is the band’s latest single after their last song “Caught In Your Game” which was released in January. The band has been operating since 2014.

– These are hard times for many, and that’s why we wanted to put this song out right now. We hope that it will bring people joy and strength to cope with all of this, says Vesa Winberg, author of the song.

DRB’s spring gigs were canceled, but the Brothers sure don’t throw in the towel. New songs are being worked on all the time and the next single is already ready to be released in summer.

– Due to the ongoing Corona lockdown, we also decided to stream the Dark Ride Kids gig for children on YouTube and Facebook and it was met with great enthusiasm. Consequently, our official music video for “Bite The Silence” was inspired by these video conferencing times we’re living in, says the band’s other founder, Sven Langbein.

So what about the song itself? “Bite The Silence” features the band’s current line-up for the second time. The harmonica played by Sami Parkkinen gives it a nice country touch.

– The song has been recorded at Teemu Aalto’s studio, because he has become kind of a seventh member of the band and understands really well what we want, Vesa Winberg says.

“Bite The Silence” is available on numerous digital music services (YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer,…).

Download the cover image here

Uutinen suomeksi (in Finnish)

Dark Ride Brothers – Bite The Silence (Official Music Video)