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Thunderous drums, a steady beat, raunchy guitars and a catchy chorus. These are the ingredients of the brand new Dark Ride Brothers release – the earworm sing along rock tune “Caught In Your Game”.

This time we wanted to show our fans that we really can rock. “Caught In Your Game” was the perfect song to be our first release with our brand new lineup, says Vesa Winberg, the writer of the new single release.

The lineup had changed when Henri Varis was replaced by Jari Hulkkonen as the bass player. Jari delivered his flavour to the Dark Ride Brothers sound and makes the song roll on very nicely.

“Caught In Your Game” was joined the list of songs to be recorded right before the band went to the studio, and it was DRB co-founder Sven who pushed for this single to be produced.

We were having our rehearsals and Vesa played the chorus of the song at the end of our session. I immediately felt that ‘There it is!’ and I said there was no way we wouldn’t take this song to the studio right away, Sven recalls.

The single belongs to a set of three songs recorded with Dark Ride Brothers producer Teemu Aalto in December 2019.

Working with Teemu was easier than ever and things really clicked with him once again, drummer Joni says.

This time the songs were recorded “upside down”. Normally recording starts with the drums, but this time the “skins” were the last thing to be recorded. This is also the first time you can hear keyboards in a DRB song.

– We don’t want to have too strict fences around us when it comes to our sound and we really look forward to delivering this new sound to our audience, says Vesa.

“Caught In Your Game” is available on numerous music streaming services, such as YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.

Watch the Official Music Video here: