Dark Ride Brothers Studio Session 2019
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Dark Ride Brothers Studio 2019 - Teemu Aalto

We are delighted to let you know that brand new Dark Ride Brothers songs are cooking up. We’ve been working our asses off with our producer primus inter pares Teemu Aalto at Teemu Aalto Music Productions HQ in Karhula, Finland. This meant a lot of early mornings, late evenings and dark rides across snowy landscapes – the studio is a two-hour drive away from here – but, once again, it was definitely worth it!

This time our studio session was a bit different compared to our previous sessions. We started laying down the tracks with acoustic guitars and lead vocals. After that it was Jari’s turn to build up the bass foundation and boy, he did a great job. We’ve got beautifully rolling bass lines this time and they nicely support the songs and melodies.

Then it was time for Niko and Sami to record their parts, and at this point the songs started to take their final form. The last one to visit the studio this time was Joni, so you can actually say we climbed the studio tree backwards and upside down this time.

Production-wise our very own “Mutt Lange” Teemu has done miracles during this project and it has been a warm and effective session with him.

Dark Ride Brothers Studio 2019 - Jari Hulkkonen

So what are the Dark Ride Songs like this time?

Upbeat, melodic, positive, hard rocking and very easy to sing along!

“Caught in your game” had been hiding in Vesa’s drawer for a long time and it was only a month before the studio time that Sven encouraged Vesa to play it out loud. It became immediately obvious that this song would really rock both live and at the studio!

“Bite The Silence” is a mid-tempo AOR rocker with bits and pieces of a classic ballad to it. Niko and Sami really make the song rise on its wings with their harmonica and thunderous guitars.

“Days Of Glory”, on the other hand, is an anthem to good times: no arguing, no fighting but keeping up the good fight in all of us. This song has a genuine country rock vibe to it and also contains some banjo!

The first song will be released in early twenty-twenty on all digital platforms as usual.

We are really excited to play these songs to you. Here are some sneak peeks into the upcoming material. Watch out, it’s still raw!

Rock On!

Jari, Joni, Niko, Sami, Sven, Vesa