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Picture: Samu Hallikainen

What a year so far! We released our first album “Join The Ride” in April and across our streaming platforms, from Spotify to YouTube, the songs of our album have been listened to hundreds of thousands of times. Yeehaw!

Dark Ride Brothers in GermanyIn June, we went on an amazing two-week tour to Germany and Switzerland with 13 gigs in 14 days. We had the chance to play fantastic shows at different venues from small clubs to festival stages and sense the magical atmosphere of live concerts in Middle Europe. Among the most exciting experiences were our Saturday night open-air headliner gig in front of thousands of people at Altstadt-festival 2019, our spontaneous acoustic cover version of Apache in the backyard of our hotel in Salzgitter that went viral on Facebook and our one-hour live show on the German Radio. Later this summer we also played a Dark Ride Show in Italy, at a charity event for autistic children in a stunning venue (Arena di Cavaion) with absolutely lovely people. We are currently editing the vast amount of video material we brought from our tour and it will still take us some time. In the meantime, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we will eventually upload a little documentary.

Meanwhile in Finland, we had reached another milestone: For the first time ever, two of our songs found their way into the program of nationwide Finnish radio station YLE Radio Suomi. We had been featured on various online radio stations in Finland and abroad before, but never had we made it into national radio. This really means a lot to us!

Now the beautiful Finnish autumn has arrived, the leaves are falling, and the nights are closing in. Whilst the days seem shorter, we are as busy as ever making new music. You may have heard that music can be a way of processing things happening in your life, good ones as well as bad ones. For several of us, this year has turned out to be an unusual. There has been everything from tears of joy and happiness all the way to severe strokes of fate, and so far, we have only reached September. Thus, there are a lot of stories for our upcoming singles and even more catchy melodies to choose from. The first sneak peeks are probably available around January/February 2020, when we head into Teemu Aalto’s studio for the next time.

Enjoy the colorful season and Stay Tuned!

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