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Press Release, 4.6.2019
For Immediate Release

goSaimaa, the company promoting tourism in the Saimaa region, has entered into a long-term marketing collaboration with Dark Ride Brothers. The aim of the cooperation is to highlight the strengths of South Karelia on social media.

goSaimaa was founded by local cities, municipalities and travel companies in 2015. From now on, goSaimaa and the German-Finnish band Dark Ride Brothers will promote the area around Lake Saimaa on the global stage together.

The collaboration will make use of Dark Ride Brothers’ strong social media presence to showcase the many facets of the Saimaa region to a wider audience.

Dark Ride Brothers goSaimaa Instagram

The most popular posts on DRB’s Instagram account @dark_ride_brothers: Saimaa plays an important role.

– “We are very happy with this partnership and we found common ground very quickly. Saimaa is a great product and has been part of our social media posts right from the start,” says Dark Ride Brothers member Vesa Winberg.

Dark Ride Brothers have been very active on social media from day one and are now partnering with goSaimaa. The band has over 20,000 followers across their social media channels.

“Of course it’s great that Dark Ride Brothers have discovered the fantastic flair of the Saimaa. The band sees our tourism marketing collaboration as part of their own marketing. It’s important that Dark Ride Brothers tell their own Saimaa story and deliver the strong visual message of Lake Saimaa to their target groups in their very personal way. I’m excited to see what kind of responses the Saimaa posts by DRB will trigger on social media,” says Juha Sorjonen, director of goSaimaa.

To Mr Sorjonen, it is also important to note that the cooperation of a tourism promotion company and a band is something quite new.

– “In fact, this is a rather unique approach in many ways,” says Juha Sorjonen.

The collaboration starts immediately

In addition to Finland, the Dark Ride Brothers will perform in Germany, Italy and Switzerland this summer. The band will head out to Germany for their much-anticipated second tour in June/July 2019, and the goSaimaa logo will be present at 14 different concerts.

– “goSaimaa is part of our tour and will be visible on many occasions. For Example, we will be the main act at this year’s Altstadtfest festival in Imatra’s partner city Salzgitte, and of course you’ll be able to spot goSaimaa there”, says Vesa Winberg.

The partnership between goSaimaa and Dark Ride Brothers also includes joint appearances at tourism events.

– “The Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki next January, for example, is a great opportunity to present ourselves together to selected target groups through showcase appearances”, says goSaimaa director Juha Sorjonen.

More information and interview requests:

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