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Press Release, 26.5.2019
For Immediate Release

The Finnish-German pop-rock country band Dark Ride Brothers will head out to Germany for their much-anticipated second tour in June/July 2019. This year, the boys from the North have something special in store for their fans in Middle Europe: their brand-new album Join The Ride, which was released in April and has already made it into Yle Radio Finland, Finland’s most popular radio station.

Dark Ride Brothers (from Imatra, Finland) play modern pop/rock music equipped with an extra load of country and are known for their captivating live performances and catchy melodies. The six-member band is active both in Finland and abroad, and within just a few years they have built up a respectable international Dark Ride Family with over 20,000 followers. This summer, the Dark Ride Brothers are on a two-week concert tour in Germany and play another gig at a charity event for autistic children in Italy afterwards.

On their Dark Ride Brothers Reloaded Tour (19.06.-03.07.2019), the boys from the North will come to a number of different cities in Germany, including Berlin and Hamburg. They will also play their first live performance ever in Switzerland. The climax of the tour is an evening concert at Altstadtfest Salzgitter (Saturday, June 29), where Dark Ride Brothers will be headliner of a city festival expecting up to 50 000 visitors during the weekend. One focus of the tour will be on DRB’s new album released in April 2019. “Join The Ride” includes the DRB Spotify hit “Jetplane” (over 125,000 plays) and their song “Supernatural”, which has already been played on Yle, Finland’s national public service broadcasting company.

German-born founder of the band Sven Langbein is looking forward to touring his home country: “The atmosphere at concerts in Germany is always something very special, and I’m glad that our boys will soon have the opportunity to experience it first-hand. It’s going to be two very intense weeks, but we’ve got a professional Dark Ride Crew and a lot of amazing fans in Germany looking forward to our concerts. They are already sharing pictures of their tickets on social media – something I’ve only seen in connection with really big artists before. It feels incredible and we can’t wait to play live for them again soon.”

Vesa Winberg, the second founder of Dark Ride Brothers and from Finland, still remembers the last tour very well and his thoughts are already in Berlin: “Finally we come back to Germany! The way we were welcomed last time was simply overwhelming, and this time we have specifically prepared for the tour to deliver an even better show to the fantastic German audience.”

Latest Release:

Album: Join The Ride
Release Date: 19.4.2019
Catalog number: DRB11
Label: Dark Ride Entertainment Oy
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Dark Ride Brothers:

Vesa Winberg – vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Sven Langbein –acoustic guitar, backing vocals, vocals
Niko Kudjoi – electric guitar
Sami Parkkinen – violin, accordion
Henri Varis – bass, backing vocals
Joni Takalo – drums

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