Dark Ride Brothers Safe and Sound Music Video Competition
Category: Dark Ride News

An excitedly wagging tail, a soothing purr on the couch, a silky soft fur, always happy to go for a walk, and never judgmental: We’re talking about our pets. ?? ?

Our new song “Safe and Sound” (the last single release before our debut album “Reloaded”) tells the story of all those who provide us stability in this hectic world. For many of us, our four-legged friends are the ones who give us security and comfort.

Send us a picture of your pet, who faithfully and unconditionally loves you day after day or has once loved you. Our new music video is dedicated to those who, with their fluffy attitude, make our life and this world a little bit better and warmer. Send your picture to safeandsound@darkridebrothers.fi by 8.3.2019 and give your pet a very special place in the new Dark Ride Brothers music video. Do you know someone else whose has deserved to be featured in this video? Tell him or her about this music video right away! The video will be put together from some of the photos sent to us, and the final video will look something like this example clip.

If you want to, you can also tell us a story or something you remember about your pet: Have you experienced something special together? Is there a special bond between you and your pet? What does your pet mean to you right now? We are very curious about your stories. Maybe one of them will even inspire us when writing the next Dark Ride Songs?

Among all the submissions (even if you are not featured in the final video) we are giving away three Dark Ride Brothers “Reloaded” albums and three DRB hats on March 10, 2019! By sending us your picture you assure that you own the picture rights and that we are allowed to use the picture for this music video.

Good Luck! ? ⭐ ?