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Promo photos, several day trips to Teemu Aalto including the legendary coffee at the studio (ping Vesa), a number of different mixes, a Dark Ride Inbox bursting at the seams, dozens of phone calls to Germany, arrangements, planning and joyful anticipation: These are just a few reasons behind the radio silence of the Dark Ride Brothers in recent weeks.

Here at the Dark Ride Camp we are getting ready for a unique season with several highlights, including the release of our debut album "Reloaded" in April 2019, numerous concerts and, last but not least, our second tour to Germany. This time we’ll be rocking the country for two weeks and play concerts in different cities.

One highlight of the tour is our performance at Altstadtfest Salzgitter on Saturday, 29 June 2019 at 22:00 on the Klesmerplatz: A big-time open-air concert on a summer evening and with a lot of Dark Ride Family around us ❤ More tour dates are constantly being added to our website, so remember to check our Calendar from time to time.

Also, we’ve been working hard for you in the studio and finalized a few songs that make the upcoming album a real gem. Our next single, the last small foretaste before "Reloaded", will be released in March. The song is called "Safe and Sound" and has suprised us with its breathtaking energy at many concerts. For the first time, there's an accordion in a Dark Ride Song played by our Fiddler In-Chief Sami Parkkinen.

The Dark Ride Summer 2019 is coming, and it's going to be one big party! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and you are always up to date. All news, events, etc. can also be found here on our website. Take your friends, partners, family members etc. with you and celebrate the first Dark Ride Brothers album together with us.

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Vesa, Sven, Joni, Sami, Niko, Henri