Dark Ride Brothers go to Germany 2019
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These are the kind of news that you like to read before the weekend – The Dark Ride Brothers will be touring Germany again in summer 2019. The tour starts with a concert in Salzgitter where DRB will be headliner of the Altstadfest.

The Altstadtfest takes place annually in the City of Salzgitter at the end of June and has attracted up to 50,000 visitors during the weekend in the past.

Like on our last tour through Germany, we will play concerts in other places, too, and we will inform you about the dates and venues later. Also, there are upcoming concerts elsewhere in Europe! 😉

The calendar for Finland 2019 is starting to take shape as well, but our main focus is currently on our debut album, for which we will record two more songs in November.

Have a nice weekend and thank you for being a part of our journey! 🤠

Stay Tuned!

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