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 “Thank You For Asking” is just about to be released!

When a streaming service announces a new song of your own favorite band, there is always the same excitement in the air: what did they come up with this time and what’s going on in their heads when the song is finally released?

If it’s your own single that is about to be released, you always ask yourself the same question: Will the audience like it? Is the song alright and how will it be accepted?

As I write these lines, our song “Thank You For Asking” is on its way to be mastered. It has been aging for two years and took on its present form only last year. In the rehearsal room, it then surprisingly quickly developed into a complete single.

In the studio, the song revealed its character quite soon. There were a few problems with the lyrics though, so we spent the summer fine-tuning the rhythm. In October, we gave it another shot, and now the vocals are finally on Teemu Aalto’s hard drive .

“Thank You For Asking” is an appealing mixture of old and new, because the violins contain “artists from two DRB generations”: Both Juha Oksanen and Sami Parkkinen can be heard in the final version.

We wanted to create an easily accessible country pop song that gets straight down to the nitty gritty without much preamble. There is both desperation and joyful hope in the lyrics.

Now there’s only one more thing to do: The song will be sent to Svante Forsbäck of Chartmakers, who will equip the track with the final Dark Ride Brothers sound. After that, the file will be uploaded and eventually released in November.

There is a strange lightness in the air, and soon we’ll be back in the studio again. It seems like we’ll have enough songs for an album in a few months 😉 #reloaded

Stay Tuned!

PS: Here is a small sample directly from the studio!

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