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Okay folks, time to turn the volume knob to Southeast: The brand new Dark Ride Brothers single “You Look So Fine” is the perfect cruising music for your spring ears! For the first time, a DRB song features a female guest vocalist , as talented newcomer 4ngelica Divine from Kotka has joined our ride with her charming voice.

“Our producer Teemu came across Angelica and her voice fits in perfectly with our new song,” says Vesa Winberg, who wrote the song.

On the one hand, “You Look So Fine” shows strong influences of pop country music. On the other hand, the guitars rock definitely louder than usual. Last but not least: Check out the bass. It’s Henkka, who has the honor to kick off this whole spectacle!

“‘You Look So Fine’ is one of the most popular DRB songs on our gigs and it’s great fun to play it live. We managed to create and capture this atmosphere in the studio,” says Sven Langbein.

Interview with 4ngelica Divine

4ngelica Divine

4ngelica Divine

  1. Moi! Who are you and how’re you doing?
    “I’m a musician and singer-songwriter. My artist name is 4ngelica Divine. I’m a 22-year-old artist-girl from Southern Savonia, and after my graduation in 2014 I moved to Kotka. And here I still am. This is where I live and love, where I enjoy the little joys and sorrows of life.”
  2. How did you end up working with DRB?
    “I was singing at a jam session organized by Kotka Rock’n Blues Association last year, where DRB’s producer Teemu Aalto discovered me and asked me if I was interested in joining their studio session. He said he could imagine my sound fitting perfectly with this single, so we talked a little, exchanged contact details, and in the end, I found myself in the studio “
  3. What was the first thing you thought when you listened to the songs?
    “I thought: Wow, I wanna be a part of this! These are good, interesting songs. If there is something that kindles the fire of creativity in me, then it is good, catchy songs, no matter the genre.”
  4. How did the recordings go?
    “The recordings went well. The atmosphere was laid-back but productive, and I was simply overwhelmed by having the chance to participate in such professional music recordings. Every now and then, a small sense of tension crept into my mind when it was my turn again. But a good team guarantees high-quality results. It was like being invited to a ready-laid table, and all I had to do was bring my own spices. In other words: I look back at the recordings with a sense of deep gratitude. “
  5. Where else can we listen to you?
    At the moment, I have only random gigs. I am focusing on gathering a qualified team around me, including talented and motivated musicians. Also, I am preparing my own songs for the studio so that I can get myself and my music heard this year or next year. I also plan to release cover songs to boost demand in the social media. News about me will mainly be published on Instagram and Facebook, as soon as there is something to be told. You can find me on several social media (@4ngelicadivine) – simply like and follow my pages to stay tuned. “
  6. Who are your musical role models?
    “My musical role models are very diverse, but Avril Lavigne, Paramore, and Tonight Alive have been some of my all-time favorites, and have helped shape my musical soul.”
  7. What do you want to say to the DRB boys?
    “Thank you for welcoming me so warmly. I am very happy and thankful for that. Take care of each other and enjoy the fruits of our work. Hopefully, we’ll see each other again soon. You are dear to my heart!”

“You Look So Fine” will be available on all popular streaming platforms (Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Napster …) as of May 1st, 2018.

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