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Many thanks to the almost 400 voters. The next DRB single will be called "You Look So Fine"!

In only one week from now, the people in Finland will be celebrating "Vappu" (May 1 in Finland). On the same day, the new Dark Ride Brothers single will be released. There were two alternatives to the name, and "You Look So Fine" won the race by a large margin.

So, do it like the Finns:  enjoy a delicious Vappu brunch, and after that, go out and cruise in the sun while listening to "You Look So Fine" (available from May 1, 2018 on all popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and YouTube).

As promised, we raffled a DRB T-shirt among all voters, and this time, Tiina Korjonen is the lucky winner.

We wish you all a sunny spring. New music from the Dark Ride Brothers is already on the way, and we are also working on new songs in summer and autumn.

See you at the next gig!


Dark Ride Brothers - You Look So Fine

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