Dark Ride Brothers Nameless Song
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We are happy to present our new single to you! The only thing we still have some difficulties with is the name of the song. That’s why we’ve decided to ask you!

There are songs where you know the name right from the start. And then there is our new song.

At first there was this riff, created with the iPhone app “GarageBand”, and our idea was to create a mixture of pop country and “stomp-your-feet” rock. We put the song together during our band camp in fall, and it was ready to be recorded just before the studio session with our producer Teemu Aalto.

The melody was ready, the lyrics were ready, the recordings were done, and now there’s only one thing missing: the title of the song!

For some time we had used the project name “Stetson Power”, which pretty well describes the character of the song. Later, however, we opted for the safer alternative “You Look So Fine”, and now, a few days before the release, we still can’t agree on the song title, so now we really need your help.

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