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It is the most beautiful Sunday this spring so far. Despite the frosty weather, the sun is shining, and we even start to feel a little of its warmth.

The first car stops in front of the rehearsal room, followed by the second. Not quite environmentally friendly, but bit by bit the street of the idyllic-looking residential district fills with vehicles, and a crowd of talkative guys gets out and marches straight into the house. It’s Dark Ride Time!

Since New Year, we have been rehearsing intensively and, at the same time, we have also worked on our upcoming music. “Our Song” was released earlier this year, and the next single release is already at the door. In addition, the next studio session is scheduled for spring.

But most importantly, we have been rehearsing with our new guitarist. The first time he will be on stage with us on 17.3.2018 at our concert in Pub Vahti. Also, we will present you a few samples of our upcoming music as well as well-chosen musical gems from the past years.

A new band member always adds his own style, his sound, his personality to the band. And this time, it was so huge it almost did not fit through the door.

Be there when we introduce our new Brother to the public and check out the latest Dark Ride Sound! We’re desperate to get back on stage!

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