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About 10 years ago, I first held an acoustic guitar in my hands. The strings were made of nylon and it was during a music lesson at school. Our gifted teacher Perttu Härkönen had encouraged us to learn some chords.

Shortly after, I had a guitar of my own and was learning to play the drums.

With a few buddies, we founded a band. And then the second. And the third, the fourth … My place in these bands was sometimes at the guitar and sometimes at the drums. After various smaller projects, I eventually got interested the bass. It may well be that this was due to the fact that my band colleagues were usually better guitarists and drummers. Thus, I ain’t got a problem with being the bassist.

My further hobbies include pseudo-slimming and doing pseudo-sports, my Fiat Punto and uncontrolled cultivation of a flowing beard.

In my CD player you’ll mostly find Foo Fighters, CMX, The Beatles, Osmo’s Cosmos, Hurriganes, ZZ Top or Motörhead. When it comes to country, I usually listen to songs by Toby Keith. On long-distance car rides I may even turn on the good, old radio!

Much has changed over the years: instruments, bandmates, rehearsal rooms. One thing has remained, though: my love for loud band music!

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