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(Photo: Christopher Lau)

When you listen to a song, no matter the artist, everything feels planned and packaged, from the start to the end. The intro is exactly what it is. Next comes the first verse, followed by a pompous refrain. Of course you cannot perceive the amount of work that is behind a great song.

Writing a song is a devilish puzzle. At first, an innocent melody comes into your head. It keeps on coming over and over again, until finally, after some careful attempts, a few chords emerge in the background. This is when the question arises as to what kind of verse might fit the theme. You play the raw version of the song dozens of times and test different chords for the chorus. Usually this is the most difficult part: making the verse and the chorus sound well together. The chorus is totally catchy, but the verse appears boring in comparison to it. Until eventually, in an almost mystical way, all parts of the song suddenly take their place.

The easier the writing process of a song, the better the final result. The more you fine-tune and change things, the more likely the whole song is to disappear into the drawer. We are currently working on three songs, two of which we are already actively rehearsing. The third one exists in our minds at this point, and it has emerged unusually fast. This is a good sign.

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