Dark Ride Brothers - Wasted Sundays
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With their latest song, the Finnish Country and Pop Rock Sensation Dark Ride Brothers turn to the classic power ballads of the 80s and 90s. The music video matches the atmosphere of the song.

"Do you remember when you watched the movie "Robin Hood" starring Kevin Costner in the lead role only because of the song "Everything I do (I Do it for you)" by Bryan Adams? Do you remember how the first tunes of the Scorpions classic "Still Loving You" finally encouraged you to ask your crush for a dance for the first time? What about "I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith or "Listen To Your Heart" by Roxette? All of them are sentimental, dramatic ballads painted with a broad brush."

The new Dark Ride Brothers single , "Wasted Sundays", is carved from the same wood.

Ballads are still played in restaurants and there is probably no disco or pub, whose dance floor does not fill up when a quiet song is played at the end of the night. Still, traditional ballads are seldom released, so that was exactly what we wanted to do”, the vocalists and guitarists of the Dark Ride Brothers, Vesa Winberg and Sven Langbein explain.

So far, the Dark Ride Brothers have released four digital singles, and all of them are very popular. Their hit "Jetplane" recently reached 90 000 plays on Spotify, and also the fourth single of the band, "The Dark Ride", enjoys great popularity among the audience.

Not avoiding clichés

"Wasted Sundays" was written by Vesa. Right from the start, it was clear that the song should remain faithful to the classics of Pop, Rock and Country.

Once again, the single was produced by Teemu Aalto, and from the beginning we had agreed that "Wasted Sundays" should serve all stereotypes. In addition, we wanted a huge sound for the song, and that's what we achieved together with Teemu, Vesa says.

The sound of the single is oriented towards the creations that the Australian Robert "Mutt" Lange has produced with and for Def Leppard, Bryan Adams and Shania Twain.

Video “Blessed by the Church”

When releasing the ballad, the band also wanted to convince their fans visually. Because of that, the Dark Ride Brothers had got in touch with the well-known Finnish burlesque artist Kiss Kiss Forbid'n earlier this year. She plays the main role in the music video of "Wasted Sundays".

The video was directed by Ville Ristolainen, who is a renowned hard rock musician and video producer. He was supported by camera operator Jaakko Rinne.

Vesa started writing the screenplay for the video in the beginning of 2017. After that, the pieces were falling together bit by bit.

"Wasted Sundays" is a dramatic song, and we wanted to create the same mood in the video. I like the most dramatic scenes in the Finnish movie "Rukajärven Tie". I wanted the same pain and sensitivity for this video. Ville helped us diligently with the script and created a logically structured wholeness, Vesa says.

One of the filming locations was the church of Ruokolahti in Finland, and the permission to shoot the video was given to us by the vicar himself.

When we presented our idea, we were asked only one simple question: "Are there any elements in the video that conflict with the teachings of the Church?" I thought about it for a moment and finally answered "No", Vesa recalls.

Finally, on a spring evening, the doors to the church in Ruokolahti opened for the band. After six hours of full concentration, the material was recorded onto a bunch of memory cards. The band's thanks go to both the parish of Ruokolahti and a local US car garage.

Another highlight of the video was that we could shoot the scenes, in which the band was playing, in the garage of Imatra Street Rod Association. A big thank you goes to the parish and the car enthusiasts, says Sven.

The highlight of the festival summer are the concerts in Germany

The Dark Ride Brothers are currently playing at different festivals, and "Wasted Sundays" is receiving tremendous positive feedback.

It was great to see how much the LappeeFest festival audience liked our country music. Despite our gig taking place during daylight, the lighters rose at "Wasted Sundays", Vesa and Sven revel.

In the late summer, the Dark Ride Brothers will go on a small tour to Germany. The band will play concerts, among others, in Hamburg and Salzgitter.

Watch the Wasted Sundays music video here:

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