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Dark Ride Brothers Single The Dark Ride

The new song of the Finnish crossover country ambassadors Dark Ride Brothers is is now available on numerous music streaming services (Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Deezer, ...). "The Dark Ride" is a melodic tribute to the traditional elements of country music.

"Fast, melodic, catchy, wild, modern, but also traditional."

This is how Sven Langbein and Vesa Winberg of the Dark Ride Brothers describe their latest creation, "The Dark Ride". The single, like the previous songs, was produced in Teemu Aalto's studio in Korkeakoski (Karhula, Finland).

The Dark Ride Brothers wanted the best possible sound for their single and therefore had it mastered by Svante Forsbäck (Chartmakers), whose clients include, among others, Sunrise Avenue, Volbeat and Rammstein.

While their last single, "Falling In Love", was rather pop-minded, this time, the Dark Ride Brothers return to their roots: country music.

"The motif of this song emerged incredibly fast. It all started with the refrain, played on the acoustic guitar. I had a clear vision for this song right from the start. The same goes for the rehearsals: the song took relatively little time", explains the author of the song, Vesa Winberg.

The song "The Dark Ride" has been played at Dark Ride Brothers concerts for a long time, and the big challenge was to capture the energy that the song unfolds during live performances in the studio. At this point, producer Teemu Aalto came into play, who, for example, came up with the idea of using electric guitars for this purpose.

Pictures from the studio sessions

Right through the Finnish prairie

The rhythm of "The Dark Ride" was a bit "straightened" and got a rocking touch. The song is characterized by Joni Takalo's powerful beat as well as Juha Oksanen's violin playing, which Juha himself describes as Klezmer. Finally, a proper portion of banjo was added to the song.

"The Dark Ride" was recorded together with "Falling In Love" in the same sessions. The third song of these sessions will be released in early summer 2017.

A wild concert summer lies ahead

The upcoming concert summer of the Dark Ride Brothers will be wilder than ever. Gigs will be played both on festivals and in clubs, and the band can be seen, among others, at LappeeFest and Pyhän Olavin Ilta in Savonlinna. At the end of the summer the band will be on tour in Germany.

Music video for "The Dark Ride":

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