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“Are you Ready to Fall in Love?” – The Dark Ride Brothers (on tour in Germany in summer 2017) publish new music

The Finnish Dark Ride Brothers have expanded their lineup as well as their musical range. In addition to country music, their latest creation also includes elements from pop and rock. The band, which stands for Finnish Crossover Country like no other, is releasing new music. In November, the Finns were in the studio of their producer Teemu Aalto, and as one of the first results, they are now presenting their song ‘Falling In Love’.

– “We’ve been completely surprised by “Jetplane’s” overwhelming success on Spotify and are grateful to everybody who added the song to their playlists. With “Falling in Love” we would like to reward them for their great support”, says singer and guitarist Vesa Winberg.

The DRB single Jetplane, published in June 2016, hit 60,000 plays on Spotify earlier this year. ‘Falling In Love’ is not a traditional country song, which is why the band has also recorded another song in the studio.

– ‘Falling in Love’ has a catchy melody and it was fantastic to see the audience already singing along enthusiastically the very first time we performed the song on one of our gigs”, says Sven Langbein, the second singer and guitarist.

Once again, the band raves about the important role of their producer Teemu Aalto.

– “Teemu demanded a great deal from us all, but he also came up with some very good ideas,” Vesa and Sven say. “We meticulously fine-tuned the sound until the end, because we did not want to publish half-finished material.

The Dark Ride Brothers wanted the best possible sound for their single and therefore had it mastered by Svante Forsbäck (Chartmakers), whose clients include, among others, Sunrise Avenue, Volbeat and Rammstein.

In the spring, the band will release their next single: ‘The Dark Ride’, which is the song that currently opens almost every concert.

– “At some point, we realized that we do not have any song that really goes like a train and rocks everybody. So we wrote one and made it fast and, most of all: country. The third song will be a really big, old-school ballad and the recordings are not yet finished,” Winberg reveals.

To Germany in Late Summer 2017

The Dark Ride Brothers have long cast a covetous eye on Germany, which is also reflected in a promo visit in Germany by Vesa and Sven in spring 2016. It has paid off: The first concerts in Germany have been announced, among them one in the legendary Kaiserkeller (Hamburg), in which, among others, The Beatles began their careers.

– “Our aim is to play two to four concerts in Germany on this tour. Germany is an interesting place for us anyway,” says Sven, “as country music is popular in Germany and we are confident that there are many people out there who will like our music.”

Right now, the band is preparing for the spring and the summer and both guys smile.

– “There are some cool gigs coming up but more about that later,” the duo mysteriously says out from the shadow of their hats.

‘Falling in Love’ is available on numerous music streaming services (Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Deezer, …).

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