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Well we should have guessed that, should’t we.. a few days left until we’ll be off the studio and it’s now that we start thinking about whether these songs are actually gonna work. During the last rehearsals before the studio session there were high expectations perceptible in everybody’s faces, but also some kind of nervousness. Is the tempo the right one? How can we create a rising in the final chorus? Will the melody actually “carry”?

A studio session reveals surprising sides of a song. During the first Dark Ride Brothers studio session, we expected the song “One More Time” to be a piece of cake and “Jetplane” to be the hard one. However, recording “One More Time” turned out to be like taming a wild horse, whereas our “Jetplane” trip was a safe flight without turbulences.

Thus, right now, we are speculating about which song will be top of the class and which one will get detention.

We’re gonna record three songs on two weekends. During our first session we’ll focus on recording Joni’s drums as completely as possible. We’ll be playing guitars and other instruments to give him something to lean on, but we won’t record those at that time.

Once again, our producer will be Teemu Aalto, and his critical ears will grill the structure of our songs. Thus, we’ll ride to the studio quite open-mindedly. Changes are still possible at this stage.

We haven’t set ourselves any strict deadlines, as we want maximum quality for these songs. Something new this time as compared to our first studio session is that electric instruments are already part of the songs. Antti Huopainen from the band Return To Void will play the keyboard. In addition to that, the one and only Rami Hakala will delight us and provide our songs with a vintage touch. His audio tracks will be recorded in Imatra and will be sent to the studio per email. Wow!

Now there’s two days left until we’re going and the lyrics were just sent to a friend for proofreading. After that we’ll start with the pronunciation training, then we’ll think about the background vocals, after which we will design the piano rhythm and then we’ll still have to…

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