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My father was a sailor.

As a child I used to admire his tattoo: a red square wrapped into parchment paper with my mother’s name on it. Merja. As a young boy I was wondering a lot how much it would hurt to get a tattoo. Now, as an adult, I spend considerably more time thinking about how a lonesome sailor takes a tattoo showing the name of his wife.

In Hamburg.

My father went to sea when he was 15 years old. The whole family consisted of sailors, and so his journey led to the world’s oceans, too. From his early years on, my father went to Hamburg very often – sometimes on a maiden voyage of a new supertanker, sometimes on a smaller coaster and sometimes on an old tanker on its way to the docks.

Now our first journey abroad will lead us to the same city on the river Elbe. We will play our first gig in Germany in Hamburg, on the stage boards of the legendary Kaiserkeller: It was this famous club in which the Beatles started their career back then. The Beatles were my father’s favorite band. As a matter of fact, two circles are complete.

For us, this journey will be at least as exciting as it was for my father as a young man.

Come and join us on this journey. Tell your relatives and friends in Hamburg or elsewhere in Germany about this concert and let us spend a wonderful evening together at Kaiserkeller, St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany!

Let’s go to the Hanse Town on the river Elbe and make it Dark Ride Hamburg.



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