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(by Vesa Winberg)

It is time to declare my love.

We’ve traveled the same roads together for more than 13 years now. We’ve moved into the same direction in rain and sunshine. Our paths have not diverged, no matter how drunk I was or how stupidly I behaved. We went through good times and bad times and you have been carrying me faithfully. You were ready to serve me even when I had betrayed you with my trainers. Thank you, boots!

Boots are probably the most underestimated shoes in the sophisticated world. It is easy to laugh at them and they are often connected to a  red neck, a bad taste of music and kind of a flat life anyway. I bought my first boots since high-school when my first child was born. I don’t even recall the reason, but at that time Boot Factory got themselves a new and satisfied client. My choice fell on hand-made square toe boots. In the beginning, it felt as if they wouldn’t fit my feet at all. Also, walking in boots was different from what I was used to. Last but not least, the price of 240 euros was quite high.

Now, more than 10 years later, the same shoes are still on my feet – maybe not as often as before, but nevertheless in use. The worn-out soles and heel caps were replaced with new ones, and the boots also have received a new, shiny surface thanks to the hands of a professional. To be honest, I think it is safe to say that these shoes were given three more years.

Yes, 240 euros is a big amount of money, but if you spread it on more than ten years, then rarely are shoes that inexpensive. The best with boots is not their surface, their look or new heel caps. The best with comfortable boots is that they fit your foot like the best possible sock. And you simply shouldn’t change these socks.

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